The Realm Library

November 16th, 2020

Scott: “In my view, the written word is the highest form of intelligence. It requires an ability to communicate and a form of expressing ideas that is as nuanced as anything we know.”

When we wrote about Art and Design at the Estate, we talked about the similarities between art and wine, how they are both sensual and intellectual pursuits, much more than what you simply see or taste. We also talked about how the works of art at Realm and the design of our winery say something about our journey and who we are. When we created our tasting room at Realm, the place where we’ll receive most guests, we thought long and hard about what we wanted to express. The Journey Wall (link) tells our story, not chronologically, but with mementos that remind us of our roots and significant milestones. Another wall displays the original artwork for our wine labels. And on a third is our Library with a selection of literature that also tells a story about Realm.

As our identity as Practical Dreamers would dictate, the Library is arranged in a left brain/right brain manner. On the left is a selection of books about Napa Valley and its history, business books, biographies, technical handbooks, and volumes on wine and geology. On the right we have literature and books on art, design, and philosophy. Although the Library is in our tasting room, it’s not meant to be simply a showpiece for visitors. We encourage our team to read and use these books, to gain knowledge, pursue pleasure, and become more well-rounded.

We’ve also asked each team member to contribute to the Library one book that carries significance for her/him personally and also, in some way, represents her/his journey at Realm. It could be a classic or graphic novel, a manual, a textbook, even a comic book, but it needs to be a piece of writing that resonates with the individual and says something about Realm. Each team member will inscribe the book they choose, and it will live in the Library. This isn’t the easiest assignment for everyone, and we expect the books to trickle in. But we hope it encourages our team to think about their time at Realm in a deep way, to reflect on what it means to their lives to be a part of this journey.

We’ll never have enough time to read all the great works of literature, just as we’ll never be able to taste all the world’s great wines. It’s just a fact of life. But this infinitude is also what makes the world of wine, and the world of books, so exciting. The Realm Library is a curated selection of what speaks to us and of us. We’ll add titles – and maybe subtract some - as our journey continues. Like wine, there are always new releases around the corner.

Art & Design at the Estate
The Journey Wall