Sourcing grapes from Napa Valley’s finest vineyards has been at the heart of Realm’s philosophy since our beginning in 2002. By design, our portfolio of wines is meant to represent the realm of Napa Valley: a curation of vineyards – both legendary and those we consider to be undiscovered gems – that collectively showcase the diversity of this great winegrowing region.

Our wines comprise both single vineyard bottlings and proprietary blends. The single vineyard wines, place and terroir-driven, reflect our personal expression of vineyards with pedigrees that allow them to stand on their own. The land speaks for itself in these wines, with a guiding hand that brings out its highest, most eloquent qualities. Our proprietary wines, while blends, are varietal-driven explorations of Napa Valley’s most famous red grapes – blended in the tradition of the great wines of Bordeaux. Utilizing many of the same vineyard sources as our single vineyard wines, our proprietary wines celebrate the art and precision required of meticulous blending, combining grapes from impeccable growing sites with the judicious oversight of the human hand and palate.