“A start-up means having to be comfortable
with being uncomfortable.”Juan Mercado
“I love to be with young people. I love people who are aggressive
and energetic, but who also have good sense.”Michel Rolland
“If we try to solve for the ‘why’ in life
we might make different choices.”Scott Becker

Beyond great vineyards, beyond great wines, I firmly believe that Realm’s greatest strength – and greatest treasure – resides in its people.

When Juan Mercado started Realm, he did what every entrepreneur does – a little bit of everything. No job was beneath him, but at the same time, there was no challenge he wouldn’t tackle. That mentality is still at the heart of Realm today. Of course we all have prescribed duties, job descriptions that frame our day-to-day activities. But “pitching in” is the cultural mindset here, as is stretching and striving and reaching to acheive things we as individuals dared only to dream of.

Each person here traveled a different road to get to Realm. Each is accomplished in his or her own right, with a passion for wine, a resume and a professional ambition that could have led to nearly any other winery in Napa Valley. But they chose Realm, and Realm chose them, because of the opportunity to take a different path: to build something new, something great, together.

Scott Becker
Managing Partner