Behind the Label: The Tempest

December 2nd, 2020

The Name
The Tempest was the first proprietary wine Realm released, so named for the “perfect storm” of three grape varietals that became available at the same time, from the same vineyard, in 2002. The name also references the tenuous nature of our beginning, when we worked on a shoestring budget with borrowed equipment in an unfinished winery. Perfect storm indeed.

The Label
This label went through many iterations before we settled on this original painting of a storm rendered in watercolor using three distinct hues. Countless illustrations of storms and waves – including etchings from Homer’s The Odyssey and Melville’s Moby Dick – were considered but ultimately rejected because they didn’t tell the story of the wine; they were too literal. Created specifically for this label by a San Francisco artist, the original watercolor is only a little larger than the label itself.

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